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Become a member of the

Indian Women's Pocahontas Club!

It is the Club's duty to preserve the incidents of our associations' history, customs and traditions of our forefathers and to gather more closely together the scattered and diminishing descendants of those proud families whose names are indelibly inscribed in the history of our nation and, particularly, the Cooweescoowee District.

We would be honored to have you as our newest member! 

Membership requirements include tracing lineage back to the Cherokee Dawes Roll.

​​Help us make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!

The Indian Women's Pocahontas Club organizes annual fundraisers throughout the year including our Annual "Old Fashioned Picnic" in May and "Hats off to Will" in November. Our organization welcomes dedicated volunteers just like you.


Please fill out the contact form to the right to volunteer with the Indian Women's Pocahontas Club. 

Thank you for your inquiry! Someone will be in contact shortly!

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